MLOps: A New Frontier in AI Adoption

Today we announced the exciting news that DataRobot acquired ParallelM, the leader in machine learning operations (MLOps).

This acquisition is a game-changing move that accelerates our ability to help organizations become AI-driven - from the development of models through to the deployment and management of models in a variety of production environments.

Founded in 2015, ParallelM is the recognized industry leader in Machine Learning Operationalization software. They deliver a unique platform that is endorsed by industry analysts, including Gartner, Ovum and the 451 Group as solving for that last, and often hardest, mile in the journey toward AI.


"Coming from the process side of IT, ParallelM's has a differentiated understanding of the harder side of data science operations." - Gartner Cool Vendors in Data Science and Machine Learning Report

DataRobot’s CEO, Jeremy Achin, summarized the impact of the acquisition saying, “Machine learning operations and governance is a must-have to become an AI-driven enterprise.  ParallelM shares our mission to help our clients extract value from data using AI to deliver measurable business ROI.”

IMG-0960Sivan Metzger (CEO, ParallelM) and Jeremy Achin (CEO, DataRobot)

With DataRobot’s MLOps and Governance,  business leaders and IT leaders will finally be able to cross that last mile in their AI journey to:

  • Scale AI initiatives broadly by quickly and easily embedding machine learning into existing business processes and systems across the enterprise
  • Harness and maximize investments in existing data science tools and technology and create a centralized, system of record across all teams and projects
  • Facilitate the collaboration of data science and IT/Ops teams to work together to deliver value-creating ML-powered applications
  • Decrease risk to the organization by standardizing and putting in place robust governance checks and balances, and best practices for machine learning projects in production
One leader excited about this area is DataRobot customer Jameson Stillwell, senior statistician at Credigy, who said, “We recognize the strategic value of MLOps within the machine learning lifecycle and look forward to the added capabilities that this acquisition will provide.”

The aptitude for enterprises to scale AI-driven applications is dependent on the ability to quickly create world-class models combined with the ability to manage the full lifecycle in production with robust practices and technology: DataRobot is the only proven platform on the market today that can help organizations accomplish both of those needs.  If you’d like more information about where we’re heading in MLOps, click here.  We’re very excited to bring these new offerings and value to our customers.



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About the Author:

Bill Hobbib is responsible for global marketing with over 25 years of experience marketing disruptive technologies to organizations of all sizes, including more than a decade in the data management, analytics, and SaaS space. Prior to joining DataRobot, Bill held marketing leadership roles at innovative software companies including Oracle, Bullhorn, Endeca (acquired by Oracle), Ascential Software (acquired by IBM), and StreamBase (acquired by Tibco). Bill has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.