DataRobot in the Classroom: INSEAD Business School + Queen's University

You can’t appreciate the good without first going through the difficult. 

That’s the lesson that Anton Ovchinnikov, Distinguished Faculty Professor of Management Analytics at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Canada, and Visiting Professor at INSEAD Business School in France, hopes to impart to his students by exposing them to DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform. 

Anton teaches predictive modeling, data science, and machine learning at both schools. In his courses, students work on one case assignment where they manually code predictive models so that they can familiarize themselves with raw coding. 

Anton wanted to introduce the possibility of driverless and automated AI applications to his students and began corresponding with John Boersma, Director of Educational Services at DataRobot. When John arrived as a guest lecturer and demonstrated DataRobot in the context of that problem, “the students just sat there with their mouths wide open,” as Anton recalls. 


For more on how DataRobot helps many top business schools add automated machine learning to their curriculum, read this case study


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