Machine Learning Enables Markerstudy to Do More with Less

Markerstudy Group is the largest managing general agent in the UK predominantly focused on UK motor insurance. The company’s Chief Actuary, Jason Cabral, spoke at our AI Experience event in London about how his team was able to successfully manage and price large amounts of products to meet the individual and unique needs of their wide customer base.

According to Jason: “I had a team of analysts doing predictive analytics, but we were shoehorned into using generalized linear models (GLMs) and doing that manually. These projects would typically be very, very long — three to six months — and as soon as they’re finished, they’re pretty much out of date.”

With DataRobot, projects that once took months to do now take days, and the analysts on Jason’s team can now function as internal consultants looking for interesting problems throughout the organization that can be fixed with machine learning.

Hear more from Jason:

A.I Experience London - MarkerStudy Group Testimonial


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