Velocity's Frequent Flyer Program Gains Better Insight and Greater Rewards

As a company that has a laser-like focus on delighting its customers, Velocity--the frequent flyer program of Virgin Australia--is constantly looking for new ways to improve members’ experience. CEO Karl Schuster and his team were constantly asking themselves, “How can we serve customers the best and most relevant offers that will deliver the most value for them?”

The answer, they soon came to realize, could be found in the data.

In order to scale-up personalization efforts and more accurately predict and deliver what their members wanted out of a loyalty program, Velocity Frequent Flyer turned to machine learning and DataRobot. Working with DataRobot, the analytics team could leverage their existing data to build predictive models ten times faster, delivering more accurate predictions on customer insights and behaviors.

Watch this video to learn more about why machine learning and DataRobot is a “really core platform for [Velocity’s] business model going forward.”



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